[ print design, journalism ]

Reflections integrates the voices of both renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz and queen of punk rock Patti Smith. This book examines the tangibility behind printed matter and its translation into the way readers perceive stories through layout. 

This experiential narrative invites readers to forwardly experience the narration behind both women through printed matter. Inspired by the poetics behind positive space and minimalism, my goals was to translate that through layout design. Drum-leaf bounded with coarse string, the book has mylar insets which are meticulously embedded accordingly to the interior narrative. The layout plays on the duality between past and present through each individualized reflection of both artists. When a person reflects, the image will never be as clear as the present because it merely exists as a memory. Thus, the apparent distance that is created between the image and words (printed on the mylar) is a representation of the past and present. A few of the pages are stitched together on either side, closing the reader off and making that spread an entirely beautiful blurry image.