interview with annie atkins

[ coding · html/css · web design ]

In the realm of filmmaking, there is much to be noticed by the public eye. That can range anywhere between directing to acting to filming. However, the graphic designer’s role in filmmaking for the most part has remained obscure and unnoticed by the general public. This website serves three purposes—1. To provide an informative stylized interview hosted by Creative Review with Annie Atkins, a Dublin-based designer that gained worldwide recognition for her graphics in Wes Anderson’s film, “Grand Budapest Hotel.” 2. To further investigate the standard interview process and create a single page web experience for readers to fully engage more with the layout. 3. To give Creative Review's readers some more in-depth insight behind the ideation and production of design in filmmaking. A nod to Atkin’s inspirational collection of Victorian-esque printed matter, the layout also hints at Anderson’s meticulous usage of creating positive space within his films. 

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This web experience was entirely designed and coded by myself. Big thanks to
the code wizard Brie Yep, you can find more of her work here. Currently, this project isn't responsive and only compatible with desktop—open in Chrome for the best experience.

Hover over the found imagery as you scroll down reveals a curated selection of secondary information to viewers. The overlaid filters acknowledges the subtle usage of the color pink and its impact within a vintage film setting.