music posters

[ poster design, music ]

Over the winter session of my junior year at RISD, I completed an independent study under the instruction of professor Anther Kiley. This five-week long period was spent researching and producing four music posters based on four different songs. Posters are perhaps one of the most restrictive format in the field of graphic design—commonly subjected to a 25" x 36" or 18" x 24" traditionally vertically oriented frame. The proposal for the independent study was based off a high school assignment for a literary arts class called "Search for Self." The assignment required students to write five separate essays on five individual songs that proved existential to my life at that period.


grown apart

"Grown Apart" is the final stage of an unfinished summer project back in the year 2013. The intent behind this summer project was to view design and fine arts through an alternative perspective and bring it back to a poster format. Design has and always will be evident in the world we live in todaay. But the bigger question is, "what exactly defines design?" What form does "design" take shape of? Is design translated through the form of a poster, a postcard, or maybe even graffiti on the side of the street? For this particular project, I was able to discover movement within the restricted layout. In addition to designing a poster, I also choreographed a dance routine that you could find here

Let go

"Let go" is a typographic visualization of the 2002 song by FrouFrou. There are but only a couple of select songs that I have kept over the years with me and this song is one of them. The overall mood of the song is airy, soothing, and you can almost feel the atmospheric quality about it. For myself personally, whenever I listen to this song, something about her voice and takes me to a place that is almost otherworldly. 

Life is Like a Boat

This poster design is a typographical representation inspired by the song, "Life is Like a Boat," by Rie Fu. Referencing the spatial works of Pixelgarten, I was interested in physically constructing a set to place this boat in an unconventional atmosphere. The intent behind photographing an object placed in an unconventional setting was to explore an alternative in approaching and interpreting something. The imagery is a single photograph of paper boats stuck to a window splashed with water. 

unfamiliar places

“Unfamiliar Places” is a 25" x 36" poster designed for RISD Global. The poster was inspired by the song "Alone in Kyoto" by Air, a nod to my past trips to Japan. The intent behind this design is to encourage students to potentially apply for the international exchange program. Being able to study abroad is truly an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In a different country, one is able to explore a completely new culture and tradition in an unfamiliar place. There are things that can be learned from life experience only that one wouldn't ordinarily be able to learn from a textbook or in class. This poster began from a study of collage and was built upon through experimentation, similarly translating this idea of exploration and traveling.