articulating movement

[ performance, relational design ]

Centralized around an abiding fascination with movement, Articulating Movement is a degree project that seeks to examine performance and its almost nonexistent role in graphic design. This thesis is split into variant chapters on movement and dance theory—language, notation, substrate, and spatial. Interrelated with semiotics and linguistic semantics, my research oversees the work of renowned performance artists Bruce Naumann, John Cage, and Merce Cunningham. My research also includes chance operations, dance notations, and the labonatation sequence. The intent behind this degree project was to reinterpret and analyze an alternative way of approaching graphic design through a series of experiments. My final presentation involved an actual performance that is split up into 5 different "acts."

13 x 19


Side-by-side scanner performances

"13 x 19" is an examination of functionality / interactivity within the constraints of a 13" x 19" scanner. The scanner is a tool conventionally used by graphic designers to process and replicate matter. However, when movement is involved, the output becomes entirely contingent on chance operations—transforming the scanner into a tool of play that generates unexpected results. I invited 12 participants to embark on this experiment by manipulating typography under the given limitations. My goal was to give the participants a restricted score to work in at the same time analyzing their interpretation when working with the tool.



A collaborative performance by Jordan, Jon, Brie, Shen, 
Patty, Maia, Jane, Tyler, Sukeshi, Kris, and Tami

articulating movement: a workshop

This workshop exploits the body as a tool through physical interaction with a tangible space—the articulation of body movement in a restricted space. The first segment focuses on form and gesture. What types of visual forms does the body produce under the strict limitations of a container or frame? The second segment of the workshop examines the utilization of the constraints as a device or methodology to choreograph a sequence of actions and movements. 

The entire process encourages free thinking and individual artistic expression in relation to space.